. the Family Code. JUVENILE JUSTICE CODE. Sec. (6) each judge of the juvenile court and a majority of the members of the juvenile board of the county in which the child is taken into custody have personally inspected the facility at least annually and have certified in writing to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department that the facility complies with the requirements of Subdivisions (3) and (4). Read the code on FindLaw ... the head of each municipal or county law enforcement agency located in a county shall certify to the juvenile board for that county that the photographs and fingerprints required to be destroyed under Section 58.001 have been destroyed. TITLE 3. (a) A child may be taken into custody: (1) pursuant to an order of the juvenile court under the provisions of this subtitle; (2) pursuant to the laws of arrest; TAKING INTO CUSTODY; ISSUANCE OF WARNING NOTICE. In general, juvenile delinquency under Texas law results from either violation of the Texas Penal Code or violation of conditions of probation. FAMILY CODE. CHAPTER 52. Because of these differences practitioners who handle both criminal law and juvenile law need to review Chapter 55 prior to handling juvenile mental health matters as there are some significant differences in criminal (adult) and juvenile procedures. 51.02(2) This section contains a definition of "child" that applies in the Juvenile Justice Code. Chapters 51-61 of the Family Code, also called the "Juvenile Justice Code," outline the law and penalties for juveniles in Texas. (e) The Texas Juvenile Justice Department shall grant access to juvenile justice information for legislative purposes under Section 552.008, Government Code. (f-2) On initiating a transfer of probation supervision under this section, for a child ordered to submit a DNA sample as a condition of probation, the sending county shall provide to the receiving county documentation of compliance with the requirements of Section 54.0405 or 54.0409 or of Subchapter G, Chapter 411, Government Code, as applicable. Texas Family Code FAM TX FAMILY Section 58.002. Consent for medical, dental, psychological, and surgical treatment of a child for whom the Department of Family and Protective Services has been appointed managing conservator and who is committed to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department is governed by Sections 266.004, 266.009, and 266.010. Determinate Sentenced Offender (DSO) - a youth committed to TJJD with a determinate sentence of up to 40 years for offenses specified in section 54.04(d)(3) or 54.05(f) of the Family Code. Foundations of Juvenile Law | Texas Family Code and Related Laws PARTICIPANT GUIDE Juvenile Justice Training Academy Texas Juvenile Justice Department 11209 Metric Blvd | Building H Austin, Texas 78758 512.490.7913 www.tjjd.texas.gov juvenilejusticetrainingacademy@tjjd.texas.gov . PROCEEDINGS BEFORE AND INCLUDING REFERRAL TO COURT. chapter 51 - general provisions; chapter 52 - proceedings before and including referral to court The juvenile court shall appoint the number of physicians necessary to examine the child and to complete the certificates of medical examination for mental illness required under Section 574.009 (Requirement of Medical Examination), Health and Safety Code. 52.01. 2015 texas statutes family code title 3 - juvenile justice code. Juvenile justice information consists of information of the type described by Section 58.104 (Types of Information Collected), including statistical data in any form or medium collected, maintained, or submitted to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department under Section 221.007 (Juvenile Board Records and Reports), Human Resources Code. Texas Family Code, sec.