According to the MSDS, the developer is 7-11% sodium hydroxide with deionized water. Dilute 3 cups (750 ml) of caustic soda with 3/4 gallon (3 L) of cold water in a large mop bucket. Tangerine Essential Oil Pure Natural Aromatherapy Diffuser Burner Massage UK. I used a drain cleaner containing sodium hydroxide (NaOH) to unclog it. No water would pass through. Supplier: The Science Company 7625 W Hampden Ave #14, Lakewood … In its pure form, it is crystalline solid, colourless in nature. Taking this apart is SUPPOSED to be done to remove clogs. The sink was completely clogged now, because the NaOH formed a solid "bathtub plug" inside the pipe! $1.40 / 100G . I had this same problem. It is a man-made chemical used for its corrosive properties. I followed the drain cleaner's instructions to the letter: As soon as I started pouring hot water, it started pooling. It is best when drains are very clogged. Disclaimer: Typical active ingredients include: Bases such as caustic potash (potassium hydroxide) or lye (sodium hydroxide) Oxidizing agents such as bleach (sodium hypochlorite) Acids such as sulfuric acid Using sodium hydroxide lye to make soap instant power crystal lye drain cleaner caustic soda sodium hydroxide clean shot crystal drain opener case drain cleaner can dissolve gl How To Make Homemade Drain CleanerAfraid Of Using Sodium Hydroxide Lye To Make Soap QueenRoebic Laboratories Inc 32 Oz Drain Cleaner Crystals In The Cleaners Department At… Sodium Hydroxide Drain Cleaner Issues According to George Brazil Plumbing & Electrical , there are three types of liquid drain cleaners. Is there any other way to safely unclog the NaOH? This item Pure Lye Drain Cleaner/Opener, 2 lbs. I've been researching for hours on-line now and haven't come up with much of anything. Using the straws to guide the water flow directly on those layers will do the trick. Hmm, suspect 11% probably wouldn't do a very good job as drain cleaner. I got the steam generator I use for general cleaning and put the nozzle right on the end of the straw (It was a heavy Ikea reusable straw) and injected the steam direct down the straw onto the blockage. 8. He also suggested using NaOH a couple of times a year to keep it clean. Caustic soda is also known as NaOH or sodium hydroxide and water combined. £2.99 + P&P . Choose from our selection of sodium hydroxide drain cleaners, including chemical drain cleaners, organic drain cleaners, and more. I didn't push harder fearing I might pierce the tube. Around 56% of sodium hydroxide produced is used by industry, 25% of which is used in the paper industry. £2.69 + £3.99 P&P . Sodium Hydroxide is commonly used as a Drain Cleaner. The article provides the following two steps. It is used in the manufacture of paper. While I could see there was a reaction between the NaOH and the toilet descaler I was using it wasn't enough. It is a man-made chemical used for its corrosive properties. It's good as new and I think that drain has never been cleaner. (I could see solid white NaOH). What exactly happened? In its purest form, the caustic, highly toxic, crystalline solid is an inorganic compound that is soluble in water and insoluble in ether and other non-polar solvents. Sodium hydroxide is a common ingredient in drain cleaners such as Drano. DRAIN CLEANING with PURE LYE or sodium hydroxide. They may appear in liquid or solid form. Some states allow the use of caustic soda for the cleaning of drain fields. Sulfuric acid fumes from cleaning shower drain. In bulk it is most often handled as an aqueous solution, since solutions are cheaper and easier to handle. Caustic Soda Drain Cleaner 500g Heavy Duty Cleaner & De-Greaser For Home. stay in well ventilated area, wear chemical resistant gloves, googles and other protective gear you think you may need. The benefits of green drain cleaning solutions. Sodium Hydroxide is a chemical that is found in drain cleaners and as a component of soaps.Is Sodium Hydroxide an acid or a base? Any procedural help or input would be greatly appreciated. What Is Caustic Soda and Where Can You Get It? I am glad you are still alive NEVER mix caustic's and acids, sounds like its time for a snake down the drain, yes you will need to break through the plug of sodium hydroxide.