I did my job with my best foot forward, minimizing contact whenever necessary, to completion. Dolphins are inherently sensitive creatures. They were manipulative, untruthful, cunning, and vicious people who fed off one another. You must take action and use spell to punish someone who hurt you. and remember that in whatsoever measure you judge you will be in turn judged. People do bad things to each other. I hope that God doesn't punish those who hurt me-I see people like that operating in ignorance, and I pray that God chooses to bless them. we may see by a persons actions that if they died at that moment they would most likely go to hell...yet GOD is loving and merciful and offers even deathbed salvation. 1. His words were evil and sadistic. They may hurt you emotionally or physically or both. Did you repent? But most never interpret that feeling in our hearts as God seeking to enlighten us to our sinfulness, from His love for us, so we can change. Quite to the contrary, He is hurt by sin, not because it somehow damages Him I didn’t see that then; I just wanted God to bring dastardly destruction upon him. When someone displeases or disappoints us, it is one thing. I’m reminded to recall a couple of scriptures : Romans 12:19: “Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”. You’re sick, you’re dying, you’ve been deserted, you’ve lost a child, you’re innocent but accused of wrongdoing — and they try to shush you. You have a different choice to develop your composure and keep control. May Your will be done.”. This can also be called as the universal LAW OF KARMA. Does God punish Christians who sin? Praise God I found this site! Recently, a self proclaimed Christian couple that I was working with began treating me very badly. Punishment in the Bible always occurs because of sin. 7). 30 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. How to punish someone who hurt you with hurt spells I know that when someone has hurt you, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to use a spell to make someone regret hurting you . procuring understanding and understanding a thank you to sidestep the pitfalls of folly bring about private nicely being, happy relatives relationships, fruitful labors and stable status interior the community (see define, p. 1279). 3:5–10; 9:10–12; 14:26–27; sixteen:3,6–7; 18:10; 19:23; 20:22; 22:4; 28:25; 29:25). God has made us a promise to punish our enemies (Romans 12:19). I find myself wondering if I'd really want them to be avenged. He created every thing. When someone asks me if I believe in karma, more often than not, they have been recently wronged in a very hurtful and painful way. by the e book reverence for God and reliance on him are set forth because of the fact the course to existence, prosperity and protection (cf. (Christian Depression). If you or someone you know is considering suicide, know that resources are available. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozVWU1UTNis&feature... What is more important: being a good person or being a Christian? Knee jerk angry responses may be a habit when you’re hurt or feeling betrayed. Know when to walk away to avoid being unequally yoked. He is the only one who has a right to revenge because only He is perfect in His judgement of those who deserve His just … This person whom I’d known for nearly 20 years, had gotten verbally aggressive with me one night for the last time. It is what it is in relation to the totality of God’s repeated revelation as a God ready to forgive, gracious and merciful, slow to anger, abounding in steadfast love (Exodus 34:6–7). I only hope the below help you as much as they helped me deal with someone who tried to hurt me intentionally. Im so relieved to know God won't punish me when I go and live the life He has called me to live. Who GOD you've been praying, tithing and serving all these while....??? Revenge does not seem to be in God's dictionary. The mouse has finally roared! They are highly social, but if something happens that breaks their state, they can fall into a deep frustration. © 2021 | DOCTRINES OF FAITH | Discussion on predestination from Reformed viewpoint, with scriptures to support, Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). Within one week, I received a message from him. if you cant live by example all the things GOD teaches then perhaps you should start with yourself first, then worry about others once you are right with GOD. Punishment in the Bible always occurs because of sin. ONLY GOD knows who will go to hell and who will not. Be full of good faith, knowing that Christ your Lord is beside you, and His Will shall be done. While hanging on the cross and before death the Son of God asked God for forgiveness for the people who crucified Him. Never had someone treated me like this in my job, although one came close. Yes, for it is promised.God doesn't do bad things to good people. The ordinary references to “my son(s)” (a million:8,10; 2:a million; 3:a million; 4:a million; 5:a million) emphasize teaching the extra youthful and guiding them in a existence-type that yields worthwhile ends. On a similar note, if someone hurts you, instead of God getting them back for you, God may use that hurt to make you a better person. I will sign off now. This article explores the issue of karma, if it exists, as to how it differs from cause and effect and why compassion, not retribution, is what will bring about balance in our lives. We have a direct PROMISE from God that He WILL AVENGE US of those who have hurt and wronged us. Each time, I heard of something very bad happening to the person right afterward. ? It is possible to say that, from the start, God would … A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on your computer or mobile device browser. Get answers by asking now. If somebody hurts another , that hurted person will go away or hurts again. Most browsers support cookies, but users can set their browsers to decline them and can delete them whenever they like. Feeling almost numb, I kneeled to the floor and barely choked out the words, “Lord forgive me for anything I may have done wrong to deserve this… And forgive them for treating me this way. revenge BELONGS TO GOD. Punishment does no good without rehabilitation-may God add knowledge to their life, wisdom to their knowledge and sorrow for their past misdeeds that will spur them toward … The problem they were having was something that was going to cost them money. After being a victim of their brutal verbal attack, I felt defeated, angry, hurt, and blindsided. Christ also had the criminal beside Him and who asked for forgiveness forgiven for his grievous sins. Will God or Jesus punish me if I say that I will hurt someone even if I won't? Heather K. February 1, 2017 / 11:22 … so this paradise is promised to be fulfilled! What should you do when you’re a victim? The best thing for us to do is continue soulwinning, praying and helping the poor. After my few words of prayer, I stood up and walked away, in a state of what felt like grief. Firstly, if you’re in a physically abusive relationship, you must get out. This is why He provided Jesus. “Why do people treat me like this? We actively participate in the fast and national prayers, and beg God Spell To Punish Someone Who Hurt You If you are facing bullying, there are spells for it.Your enemy can plot your or your loved ones death by using death spell. Scripture studies for advancing knowledge in Christian Bible study, Advanced Studies in Christian theology, reformed theology, and Christian bible doctrine. I’ve been so nice to him, and he gets drunk and turns into the devil,” I remember thinking. did they forgive you even if you didn’t repent or seek forgiveness (some people forgive even without an apology because they hope to be Jonah knew that his prophecy of destruction wasn’t fulfilled. There are times when God does cause his people grief because of their wrong acts. There are times when God does cause his people grief because of their wrong acts. Do Christians believe in the evolution of the Earth? When someone asks me if I believe in karma, more often than not, they… condemnation never did it. People do bad things to each other. 1. We are connected to this people, and our growing children are an integral part of this people: the people of Israel, God’s people. Will Karma eventually punish those who have wronged us? Similarly, if you hurt somebody, you will create a Bad Luck for you yourself. It happens to all of us; some more often than others. Similarly, if you hurt somebody, you will create a Bad Luck for you yourself. This may also help your health if you’re experiencing anxiety issues. Direct punishment serves a clear signal, “Do not mess with me, or you will be sorry.” Then there’s third-party punishment. He's there to observe and punish bad people for their bad attitudes. God has provided the most powerful and useful organ to the human-beings - The Mind- which the God has not given to any other existing creatures. But I am letting [God] take it from my hands and letting Him handle it. Especially when it’s a parent, spouse, or someone you just can’t cut out of your life so easily. I’m not saying you have to be besties, but forgiveness is key. Reply. I've dealt with this my entire life but there are a few things that helped me heal along the way 1) Forgive them -Yes it's hard. He was Satan walking on earth, I was sure of it. So many people including the churches scream “hallelujah" but don't know what it means. We use cookies to analyse our traffic and personalize ads that may appear on our site. Jonah the prophet knew the greatness of God’s mercy, Who is, “…a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love, a God who relents from sending calamity.” – Jonah 4:2b. You are innocent but they have wronged you. But we cannot be On a similar note, if someone hurts you, instead of God getting them back for you, God may use that hurt to make you a better person. God can punish, and He does punish. Be honest and stop the pain ... God has helped me acknowledge the ticks to make me a better person as well , I have never had more faith in Him since today. Choose not to allow the sun to go down on your wrath. Thank the Lord that He is teaching you and molding you into a better Christian. ... Did someone say God … You are correct. God isn't because I say so, prove to me it is. This can also be called as the universal LAW OF KARMA. Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord. God does punish us for our sins. I hope that God doesn't punish those who hurt me-I see people like that operating in ignorance, and I pray that God chooses to bless them. i mean like they're hurting me emotionally; i pray to God about this and read bible passages, and i've been asking God to help me through this obstacle. I mean, yeah, they hurt me, but I don't know what good would come of them getting what they "deserve". Even when someone wrongs me I just feel sorry for them and like the above post, I just leave it to God to sort out. The author of Hebrews speaks at length regarding God's punishment of sin, even for believers. So... Get him to explain how can you be save or safe.... What do you think of the answers? He won't punish anybody being the most loving, most caring and most obedient father of the Humanity. God… Am I being punished for something? As Christians, we will never be condemned for our sin. Has Christianity, merged with English and whitewashing destroyed many ancient cultures. Text: 741741, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or visit www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org.. A couple of months ago, the New York Times ran a fascinating article called “Googling for God.” In this piece, author Seth Stephens … Browse our top recommended bibles and enjoy unsurpassed education from today's top scholars of the Reformed Faith. Don’t rush or force it. Yes, for it is promised.God doesn't do bad things to good people. I realize now that I hurt him as much as he hurt me. Not sure where to start? In essence, hurt spells are spells used to punish someone. The word punish and its various forms occur 128 times in the Bible, but most of them do not refer to God punishing someone. It sometimes begs the question, “Does God really punish ?”. A discussion on finding hope in the challenge of Christian suffering. Biblical teachings on advancing your faith in Jesus Christ. Some people think that you don’t. Discussion on prayer and how to pray more effectively. I don’t know how to right now. I offered my sincere condolences. Ephesians 4:26-27, 30-32: 1 John 3:4 says that sin is lawlessness. Sometimes called “the imprecatory psalms,” these songs of judgment call on God to punish the enemies of his people. The word punish and its various forms occur 128 times in the Bible, but most of them do not refer to God punishing someone. To make things worse, the article went on to say that people who haven’t given the chance to learn about God’s ways should also be part of hell’s punishment. 32 And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you. Now, research has shown that when a trainer wants them to step out of that frustration and perform for the… 32. God is just: He will pay back trouble to those who trouble you and give relief to you who are troubled, and to us as well. What makes spells to punish someone dangerous is that they can actually be cast from a distance. Were the killings in the Old Testament justified? Click Ok to proceed and accept cookies. Here are 5 Things To Do When People Hurt You… Isaiah 55:11 basically quotes god saying "my word will certainly be and not return to me with out results." Home >Debates > Convince me a God has the right to punish and hurt people for their wrongs. He berated me and was very abusive. However, His desire is to be with us. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. He's there to observe and punish bad people for their bad attitudes. But your problem is not whether God is going to punish them; your part of the problem is that you must forgive those that have hurt you. Temptation to the only comes from the extra youthful guy’s male friends (a million:10-19); temptation to the different comes from the adulterous woman (ch. As Hebrews affirms, God disciplines us so we can become more like him (Heb. He was someone I had heard wish his own mother and father dead. That is, they are criminals in the truest sense. We see it in news-grabbing ways like terrorism and mass shootings, but it's also hidden behind … Forgiveness is Worth the Effort. This will happen when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven in blazing fire with his powerful angels. so this paradise is promised to be fulfilled! He created current. Revenge only feels good at that moment, but once you realized you were wrong in seeking revenge it doesn't feel so I remember seeing a young child run to his mother with a sad face, and as soon as he was in the arms of his mother he burst out crying, and eventually told her why he was so sad. Punishing someone is such a serious business you have to be careful if you are considering it. In light of points 1-3, we can see why God doesn’t punish sin. He is the devil. "Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord". As you forgive others, God forgives you. From beginner to advanced bible students, we hope you'll find useful resources to assist you in your personal growth. I don’t (Scripture List), JW Apostate Talk – Elders Cut off Mic & Kick Him Off Stage (Must See!). Question: "Does God punish us when we sin?" It was extremely hard to pray. July 16, 2014 / 2 Comments. I understand that even though I feel scarred, my emotions don’t have to control my actions. Spell To Punish Someone Who Hurt You, In your course of life you will meet people who hurt you. The only purpose of human mind is to observe what is Good and Bad. I kept it to myself. God knew he wouldn’t, because He had already chosen Job as a man of faith. You’ve been wronged. 31. In truly felt sorry for him. At least, I thought I … I stopped talkingbto her and I don't want to see her ever again. Yes, for it is promised.God doesn't do bad things to good people. I had said things I’d always wanted to say to him, including how sick he really was. In conclusion, forgiving someone who has hurt you could be the greatest challenge of your life. Feeling like you’re being punished by God is normal for two reasons: 1) life is filled with difficult losses, terrible tragedies, and dry stretches of boredom and loneliness; and 2) you are human, which means you screw up. When a person is in this state, they believe their own distortions and just want to win, even if they hurt themselves in the process. His justice is real. “Is God punishing me for my sins?” From God touching our hearts, many people, who are suffering, want to know if God is punishing them. But sometimes it’s just not that simple. This bust is a reminder that evil exists around the world. Ask Christ to give you the strength to learn to forgive, even when it hurts the most. How can you forgive someone as a Christian and according to the Bible? We are told that He will serve justice on those who hurt His sheep, but we are not to question it, lest we develop a wrongful sense of what is God’s own judgement. so, there is no need to God to personally look in to incidents of everybody every moment . If one gives a blow to somebody, other person will give much stronger dose in return.